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Girl with the Fishing Rod Contest - July 2011 Winners

1st Place: Susie

Caption: NICE CATCH!
Story coming soon.

2nd Place: Hana (Huckleberry)

Caption: Huckleberry's first fish
Hana (whose nickname is Huckleberry) has a dad who has been a lifelong fisherman. Before his first child was born, he had always dreamed of taking his future sons fishing. When the ultrasound showed a girl, it took him a while to come to terms with what his future had in store. The day that she was born, he fell in love, and he quickly realized that gender has absolutely no say in fishing ability! They have visited many rivers, creeks, and lakes together, and just this year at 6 years old, Hana landed her first fish by herself. It was a catfish, caught at the lake near our house, on a lazy, summer, family day. Her daddy is over-the-moon proud of his girl with a fishing rod!

3rd Place: Michelle

Caption: fishing
Story coming soon.